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Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!!! (almost!)

Sorry for the absence! Once in a while life takes over and I'm unable to do much on the computer. The kids are getting bigger and more wonderful everyday. They are my inspiration. My darling husband is working hard to be a better person everyday and I love him for it!
My birthday is tomorrow and I'm getting closer and closer to thirty. I'm okay with that. (I think!) My darling husband got me a new digital camera for my birthday and I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures of my knitting projects and posting them here. Yea!!
Maybe I can get some pictures taken later today with the help of my dear daughter.
A couple of projects are in the works in my head. My wonderful son (who has autism) doesn't wear pants even in the winter. We live outside of Chicago and it gets pretty cold here. I'm going to knit him some legwarmers. (I'm going yarn shopping today!!!) He also likes to drag around a blanket instead of wearing a jacket so I'm going to knit him a poncho. I'm thinking of a green theme because that's his favorite color.
And, so as not to ignore the STAR WARS theme. I got three panals of STAR WARS fleece to make into blankets. I will take a picture of that too and post the directions although I'm sure they are somewhere else on the web.
We are off to the yarn shop! Happy Knitting and May the Force be with you!!


  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger ClareRose said…

    Well, T, hope you had a wonderful b-day. Sounds like lifes been pretty good. I was just checkin on ya. Glad to see that all is well. I know I talked to you today, but I do want to do something with you asap! We have to get together, but we both might be busy till school starts! :( I hate being busy, but I love everything I'm doing, what a puzzle. Oh well, just your lil sis lettin ya know I love ya lots! ttyl..

  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger c-tree-p--o said…

    Thanks Clare!!!


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