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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just to complain and apologize

I just feel like complaining and apologizing.
I apologize for not keeping up with the whole blog thing as often as I'd like. I still haven't figured out how to put the pictures from my new camera onto the computer although I do know how to post them once they are on.
Now on to my complaining.
Really, you'd complain too if this was you. I have no working dryer. I have to hang every stinking piece of laundry I was. It takes like two or three hours for it to dry. Hence, I have been putting off laundry. It dawned on me at 2:30 this morning, while up with a sick kid, that every person in this house was out of clean unmentionables. I dutifully put them in the wash and got back to sleep around four. I hung the laundry before eight this morning. Feeling quite proud of myself, I put another small load. My luck, being what it is, it started to rain while everything was still drying on the line. Now, everything is hanging up in my kitchen. It looks like the hamper exploded.
On the plus side, I did knit a small pouch for my camera. The tassle is pretty sad but I think the pouch will protect the camera while in my purse.
Also, I just got a new pattern for the STAR WARS inspired poncho for my Tristan. I got it from Ruth at the Frugal Knitting Haus. She's great, her site is great and I love her patterns.
Normally I would promise to post some pictures but my promises aren't worth too much when it comes to pictures. I will work on getting them onto the computer later tonight and hopefully will get them posted today or tomorrow.
Happy Knitting and May the Force Be With You.


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