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Friday, August 19, 2005

A picture AT LAST

So I got a picture taken and downloaded. (Yea me!) I meant to put a picture of the Doctor Who Scarf only to realize that I didn't actually take a picture of the stinking scarf. This is the purse I made for my sister, Connie. She hasn't actually see it yet as her birthday isn't until September.

We have a plethora of bananas right now as Tristan loves buying them but doesn't actually eat them. Since I'm doing the Weight Watchers thing, I'll be eating a lot of them. I'm at two already this morning.

After the laundry fiasco yesterday, I was feeling like I never wanted to do laundry again, but we do like to wear clean clothes so I'm doing another load. It's not supposed to rain today. (I checked the radar on the Weather Bug -

I'm hoping to get a start on Tristan's poncho today (after I buy some new needles) and maybe a Chicago Bears hat for Mike for Christmas. I do need to work on my dad's birthday present (a long ski cap in the colors of the junior college he works at - it's the oldest public junior college in the nation- and a matching scarf) although his birthday isn't unil the end of October.

I have laundry to hang and a pizza to make.
Happy Knitting and May the Force Be With You!


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