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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Husband is home . . .

(These are Elena's mittens!)

My dear husband took today and Monay off to make sure the dryer got fixed. (It did - thank the Lord and all the Saints I asked to intercede for me!) I've got a load in the dryer right now. Sigh, it's lovely to have a working dryer.
Now, since DH is home, expects me to do whatever he thinks I should do. I basically want to maime him at this moment. I want to shout, "GO TO WORK!" But instead, I will knit.
I have to get some different sized circulars to work on a poncho. In the mean time, I'm tweaking my favorite knitting pattern for home Homespun yarn mittens. They are going to be so soft!
Happy Knitting and May the Force Be With You!


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