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Friday, December 23, 2005

I will not finish . . .

. . . before Christmas comes. It's a sad fact. It has to do with the fact that I added a "simple" project and it took seven stinking hours rather than the two I thought it would. I was also in denial about the amount of yarn required. The stupid pattern said one ball would be enough.
It lied.
The knitting will mostly get done. The STAR WARS fleece blankets may not. The Chicago Bears blanket hasn't even been cut. An unnamed sister cut two of the STAR WARS blankets out and there isn't enough of the other fabric to finish the third blanket. Tomorrow is a freakin' packed day. I could cry.
There is an upside though. My spinning wheel came in the mail today. I can't believe it came before Christmas! I ordered the thing on Tuesday and it came on today (Friday the 23rd of December!) I love the Woolery!
Will update as I can. Must must must finish the HP scarf. Only three stripes left.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Should I add a couple more projects??

Got another present done. Here it is. A hat for my littlest sweetie. I used a pattern I found online but I did add the top thingy just because. I just figured out pompoms and had to make one for this hat. It has a sister scarf also made of Lion Brand Boucle and other yarn. This one was made with the Boucle and a strand of worsted weight plum-ish Red Heart yarn I had hanging around.
I'm thinking of making a face cloth for another sister and maybe whipping up another hat for one of my brothers in law. Maybe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I just love Christmas

I really do love Christmas. I've been too worried about finishing projects to really enjoy this time of year. My sister, brother in law and nephew are here visiting. The baby is adorable. My littlest darling calls him the King of the Balls of Chub. He's just precious. He, along with his mama and daddy, reminded me of the important bits of the season.
On to the other exciting news.
I got to order myself a spinning wheel for Christmas. My darling husband is clueless when it comes to Christmas (or any other holiday that requires a token gift of love). He has no idea what makes a good present. I don't have to have real expensive stuff but I want him to spend time looking and picking out something that he would like me to have. Not that hard. He thought the spinning wheel we saw in Galena was cool and he wanted to get me one. I decided on the Ashford Kiwi and he gets to put it together and finish the wood. He's rather excited about it (although he probably wouldn't admit it to anyone other than the immediate family.)
Only three projects that must be done for Christmas and even if they're not that's okay.
Happy Christmas!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

You're getting warmer. . .

Christmas is quickly approaching and I have a bit of shopping to do still. The majority of the shopping is done already but there are a few last minute things left to get.
Update on the knitting: A certain person who shall remain nameless, thought that he or she would help me out on the HP scarf and started knitting on it backwards. There were a few dropped stitches but it appears fixed. My fixing skills are not great but I *think* this is going to be fine. On another note, I finished a scarf for a sister done in Wool Ease Thick and Quick. It really did go quickly. I started in Saturday evening and finished it on Sunday evening. Yeah!! I'm working on a scarf for my littlest darling. It's double stranded Lion Boucle and some pink fizzy yarn from Hobby Lobby. I've also started on some mohair headbands in a beautiful blue varigation. It looks like the ocean.
Six days to Christmas. A million more projects to go including making three STAR WARS fleece blankets.
Have a super day! (Ignore the "bow ties" on the long scarf. I still have to weave the ends in.)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Why am I blogging and not knitting????

This is my sweetie modeling the hat and scarf I knit for my other sweetie. The hat looks like a "Steve" from Blue's Clues hat. That's the good news. Here's the not so good news:
I'm pretty sure that I 'm not going to get done in time for Christmas. I'm pretty sure that I'm losing my mind. I counted the number of projects left and there's no way I'll finish unless I throw everything else to the wayside. (This includes eating and sleeping.) Housework has already gone by the wayside and I'm only making coffee. Slight exaggeration but not much. The HP scarf is coming along but I need to keep going. Maybe I'll post a pic of something later. For now, gotta shower, go to Weight Watchers and KNIT.
I'm having nightmares about what row I'm on. Obessed? No way. Alright maybe.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Nine days left!!!

Like the hat?? I knit it for Friar Rock. He's the resident priest at the University. He's been wonderful. I love this pattern because it goes so fast. It's knit on size eight sixteen inch circulars and the eight dpns (that's double pinted needles for all you non-knitters out there.) The yarn is hand dyed and hand spun. It's from Chile. I love it.

Nine days to Christmas and two scarves partly knit, another still yarn, another still yarn, a hat still yarn and six placemats still yarn. (Then, there's the three pairs of mittens and the mom hat, nephew hat, four sisters hat and then of course my hat and mittens. I figure I actually have until I go back to school to get it all done. That's almost a month. I guess I will put off sleeping and house cleaning until I get done. Hope everyone likes take-out. (Who doesn't??) I must get tons of chocolate. That'll help.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yikes . . . ten days and counting

Arrugh!!! Only ten days and a million more projects to knit. I've got to get some red yarn for an present for Elena and I need some needles for mom's hat. Can't spend too much time writing because I need to knit!
Happy Knitting - if you're not too stressed!

(Update: This lovely scarf was finished and is quite soft and wonderful. Note the beatuifully decorated tree. The kids did it by themselves. I'm proud!)

Monday, December 05, 2005

The end is near. . .

The end of the semester that is. I can actually see it coming up fast. (Not fast enough mind you but, well, faster than super slow - if that makes any sense.) The final paper is done - as done as it ever will be. I'll check it for grammer errors and typos but I refuse to actually write anymore. I just want the dumb thing to be done.
I started on a hat for the Tris unit and I hope to finish it in the next couple of days. It's a simple beanie type. Pictures will follow.
Current projects include the alpaca/wool scarf, the HP scarf, a beautiful merino scarf for dad, a sock and a place mat. I still need to work on something for Connie and I need a dumb hat. (My head is too cold! It's like 12 degrees outside. It's winter in Chicago. I don't know why I expect it to be a balmy 46 degrees but I do.)
Going to re-read the paper for errors and then fix them. Then, I quit. Alright, I still have to finish reading Hemingway, write a three pager for Doctor Nicholas, and sing in two concerts and a solo recital and then I quit for real. I mean it.
(ANOTHER UPDATE: The hat for the Tris unit is completed. It reminds me of something that Steve from Blue's Clues would wear. I'm hoping Tris will actually wear it as it's like 23 degrees outside.)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

There may be more to life than sci fi and knitting - maybe. . .

Okay, okay. The title is slightly blashpemous considering what the subtitle of this blog is. But here's the deal. Last night, I was in a show and I was, in a word, fabulous. I know it is not considered good taste to "toot one's own horn" but everyone said that I was wonderful. (And, you know, it feels good to be wonderful!) I took this class this semester called Opera/Music Theatre Workshop and the reason I took it is because it was being taught by the single most wonderfully fantastic voice teacher in the entire known and unknown universe. The time the class met was moved so I could take it. (I told you that this voice teacher, Clarice, is the most woinderful, fabulous, spectacular etc . . .) We did some scenes from Carousel and Carnival plus three operatic arias - one of which was sung by yours truly. "June is Busting Out All Over" went supremely wonderfully. "You'll Never Walk Alone" also went fantastically. My Mozart aria, "Smanie Implacabali" from Cosi Fan Tutti knocked their socks off. It is a fantastic aria. I just love singing it. And everything else went okay too.
There is some knitting in the story.
I had to be at school early to reherse and Mike was running a little behind. I was starting to get anxious hours before. What does a knitter do when she gets nervous? Hello! She goes to the yarn store. I was good and only got some needles I needed (I really did!) and 1 ball of homespun violet wool yarn. (Goregous, by the way.) I took 20 minutes or so and worked on a Christmas present. I, then, felt ready to take on the performance. My mom, two sisters, dad,husband, daughter, theology professor, head of the English department (also my professor) showed up along with some other people. They all said I was wonderful. I can attribute my wonderfulness to two things. I did cross myself before going on and, of course, I fingered some delicious superfine merino yarn. That has to be why I was so so so good.
Next time, meeting Peter Davison the fifth Doctor.