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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I just love Christmas

I really do love Christmas. I've been too worried about finishing projects to really enjoy this time of year. My sister, brother in law and nephew are here visiting. The baby is adorable. My littlest darling calls him the King of the Balls of Chub. He's just precious. He, along with his mama and daddy, reminded me of the important bits of the season.
On to the other exciting news.
I got to order myself a spinning wheel for Christmas. My darling husband is clueless when it comes to Christmas (or any other holiday that requires a token gift of love). He has no idea what makes a good present. I don't have to have real expensive stuff but I want him to spend time looking and picking out something that he would like me to have. Not that hard. He thought the spinning wheel we saw in Galena was cool and he wanted to get me one. I decided on the Ashford Kiwi and he gets to put it together and finish the wood. He's rather excited about it (although he probably wouldn't admit it to anyone other than the immediate family.)
Only three projects that must be done for Christmas and even if they're not that's okay.
Happy Christmas!!


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