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Friday, December 23, 2005

I will not finish . . .

. . . before Christmas comes. It's a sad fact. It has to do with the fact that I added a "simple" project and it took seven stinking hours rather than the two I thought it would. I was also in denial about the amount of yarn required. The stupid pattern said one ball would be enough.
It lied.
The knitting will mostly get done. The STAR WARS fleece blankets may not. The Chicago Bears blanket hasn't even been cut. An unnamed sister cut two of the STAR WARS blankets out and there isn't enough of the other fabric to finish the third blanket. Tomorrow is a freakin' packed day. I could cry.
There is an upside though. My spinning wheel came in the mail today. I can't believe it came before Christmas! I ordered the thing on Tuesday and it came on today (Friday the 23rd of December!) I love the Woolery!
Will update as I can. Must must must finish the HP scarf. Only three stripes left.


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