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Friday, December 16, 2005

Nine days left!!!

Like the hat?? I knit it for Friar Rock. He's the resident priest at the University. He's been wonderful. I love this pattern because it goes so fast. It's knit on size eight sixteen inch circulars and the eight dpns (that's double pinted needles for all you non-knitters out there.) The yarn is hand dyed and hand spun. It's from Chile. I love it.

Nine days to Christmas and two scarves partly knit, another still yarn, another still yarn, a hat still yarn and six placemats still yarn. (Then, there's the three pairs of mittens and the mom hat, nephew hat, four sisters hat and then of course my hat and mittens. I figure I actually have until I go back to school to get it all done. That's almost a month. I guess I will put off sleeping and house cleaning until I get done. Hope everyone likes take-out. (Who doesn't??) I must get tons of chocolate. That'll help.


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