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Saturday, December 03, 2005

There may be more to life than sci fi and knitting - maybe. . .

Okay, okay. The title is slightly blashpemous considering what the subtitle of this blog is. But here's the deal. Last night, I was in a show and I was, in a word, fabulous. I know it is not considered good taste to "toot one's own horn" but everyone said that I was wonderful. (And, you know, it feels good to be wonderful!) I took this class this semester called Opera/Music Theatre Workshop and the reason I took it is because it was being taught by the single most wonderfully fantastic voice teacher in the entire known and unknown universe. The time the class met was moved so I could take it. (I told you that this voice teacher, Clarice, is the most woinderful, fabulous, spectacular etc . . .) We did some scenes from Carousel and Carnival plus three operatic arias - one of which was sung by yours truly. "June is Busting Out All Over" went supremely wonderfully. "You'll Never Walk Alone" also went fantastically. My Mozart aria, "Smanie Implacabali" from Cosi Fan Tutti knocked their socks off. It is a fantastic aria. I just love singing it. And everything else went okay too.
There is some knitting in the story.
I had to be at school early to reherse and Mike was running a little behind. I was starting to get anxious hours before. What does a knitter do when she gets nervous? Hello! She goes to the yarn store. I was good and only got some needles I needed (I really did!) and 1 ball of homespun violet wool yarn. (Goregous, by the way.) I took 20 minutes or so and worked on a Christmas present. I, then, felt ready to take on the performance. My mom, two sisters, dad,husband, daughter, theology professor, head of the English department (also my professor) showed up along with some other people. They all said I was wonderful. I can attribute my wonderfulness to two things. I did cross myself before going on and, of course, I fingered some delicious superfine merino yarn. That has to be why I was so so so good.
Next time, meeting Peter Davison the fifth Doctor.


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