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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've picked a project!!

Okay, so I picked a project for the Knitting Olympics. I'm having camera trouble (it's gone missing - again) so I decided to show you what color I've chosen for Mike's sweater. I wanted to circle the color but can't figure it out. Bear with me here and I'll try to direct you to the color. It's the second row from the top. Now, it's the fifth skein from the left. It's actually the middle skein in the row between a really dark green and aqua. (Does that make sense?)
Tomorrow I'll post the picture of the pattern. It's supposed to be a striped sweater but I'm doing it all in one color.
Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sorry for the absence

I feel terrible. I do feel terrible about not posting recently but I feel terrible because I have the most stinking sore throat. I'm croakin' here. It hurts to swallow.
I still have to go to the yarns store. I have not picked out the yarn or the pattern for the Knitting Olympics. I'm falling down on the job.
On the upside, I am going to take a spinning class starting in March. I absolutely cannot wait. I will spin, spin, spin until I can't spin anymore. Then I'll knit all the yummy yarn I make. So exciting.
I really want to exude more excitement but I feel too crummy.
And the camera has gone missing again.
Tomorrow will be better. It has to be.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Knitting Olympics and other stuff

I'm totally excited about the Knitting Olympics. Just not so excited that I've actually made it to the yarn store. It's been rather rough here. The problem here lies in the fact that the semester has just started and I'm trying to get everything settled into a routine. This semester is the first that I've sung in three choirs and worked a part time job. To quote VeggieTales, "That's a lot but it's cool." (You have to say it with a British accent to get the full effect of it.)
On to the knitting, I've absolutely neglected both the t-shirt sweater and the ACGAS (that's All Creatures Great and Small) chunky jacket. I need to go into the yarn store to get some help. There's a problem with a row that I just don't know how to fix.
I knit some wrist warmers for our piano player and she loved them. I'm working on a (boring) ribbed hat for my son's bus driver. I need to get a pattern and the yarn for my Knitting Olympics project. ( I may also have to get some new needles.)
Oh, and I found the camera. I took a picture of the baby's sweater but I haven't down loaded (or is it up loaded??) the picture yet. I have to find the stinkin' cord.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Once again, I am sans camera

Darn it if I can't find the stinkin' camera. I want, no need, to take some knitting pictures and I can't because my camera is missing. RATS!
So, I started the two sweaters mentioned in the last post. I need help with both. Oh darn - I'll have to go to the yarn store. They are really helpful even if it's just for moral support.
Stephanie (aka the yarn harlot) has issued a challenge to knit something during the Olympics and I have decided to take her up on the challenge. I'm going to work on a sweater for Mike. It has to be pretty plain and fairly boring as that's what Mike will wear. LYS here I come.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My first sweater

I actually knit my very first sweater. It turned out fine! Can't quite believe it. I just have to sew on the buttons (which I stile have to buy) and sew on the pockets that my littlest sweetie and I decided it really needed. I'll post a picture on this particular post when I find the stinkin' camera.

I'm taking a knitting class this Saturday and I'm really excited. I'm going to work on the t-shirt sweater from the Ella Rae Fall 2005 book. I am in love with this pattern and the chunky little jacket pattern from the same book. I hate the name though. I'm working on a new name for the jacket. I may call it the Helen sweater because it reminds me of something that James Herriot's wife, Helen, would wear in All Creatures Great and Small.

The stinkin' semester started this week and I am still registered for nothing. Not one rotten class. I only need one rotten class and my senior thesis to graduate. A rotten professor, who shall remain nameless, doesn't want to do an independent study or a tutorial for me. He wants me to wait until the fall. I wanted to start graduate school in the fall. Ha. Not this fall. So, I'm back to studying music.
I was going to register today but my middle sized sweetie is sick. He has autism and isn't too much of a sleeper to begin with. He slept on and off overnight and (of course when he was sleeping with me) had an accident and let's just say, I'm still doing laundry.
I must fix dinner and get my littlest sweetie ready for our choir rehearsals.
Peace and long life.

Monday, January 02, 2006

I made it through Christmas. . . barely

Really, Christmas was nice. I sang at Christmas eve mass and it went pretty well. True to my procrastional nature, I finished the HP scarf on Christmas day, like 10 minutes before leaving to give the scarf as a gift. It did get done though. I didn't get another hat, for my brother in law, and the other mitten, for my nephew, done until a few days after Christmas but I sent them off, along with the ear warmer headband, for my sister, that I lost but then found.
I sang on Christmas day along with one other member of the choir. Would you believe no one else showed up? It was good practice for this past Sunday when I cantored both masses by myself. The choir director was out of town. It was a little scary to sing it alone but it went fine.
WIP include my dad's scarf and legwarmers for my daughter. I have to work on two beanies for two other sisters to match their scarves and I really want to work on a sweater.
We dyed yarn two days ago and the yarn turned out really pretty. Pictures to follow when the camera shows up.