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Monday, January 02, 2006

I made it through Christmas. . . barely

Really, Christmas was nice. I sang at Christmas eve mass and it went pretty well. True to my procrastional nature, I finished the HP scarf on Christmas day, like 10 minutes before leaving to give the scarf as a gift. It did get done though. I didn't get another hat, for my brother in law, and the other mitten, for my nephew, done until a few days after Christmas but I sent them off, along with the ear warmer headband, for my sister, that I lost but then found.
I sang on Christmas day along with one other member of the choir. Would you believe no one else showed up? It was good practice for this past Sunday when I cantored both masses by myself. The choir director was out of town. It was a little scary to sing it alone but it went fine.
WIP include my dad's scarf and legwarmers for my daughter. I have to work on two beanies for two other sisters to match their scarves and I really want to work on a sweater.
We dyed yarn two days ago and the yarn turned out really pretty. Pictures to follow when the camera shows up.


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