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Friday, January 20, 2006

Knitting Olympics and other stuff

I'm totally excited about the Knitting Olympics. Just not so excited that I've actually made it to the yarn store. It's been rather rough here. The problem here lies in the fact that the semester has just started and I'm trying to get everything settled into a routine. This semester is the first that I've sung in three choirs and worked a part time job. To quote VeggieTales, "That's a lot but it's cool." (You have to say it with a British accent to get the full effect of it.)
On to the knitting, I've absolutely neglected both the t-shirt sweater and the ACGAS (that's All Creatures Great and Small) chunky jacket. I need to go into the yarn store to get some help. There's a problem with a row that I just don't know how to fix.
I knit some wrist warmers for our piano player and she loved them. I'm working on a (boring) ribbed hat for my son's bus driver. I need to get a pattern and the yarn for my Knitting Olympics project. ( I may also have to get some new needles.)
Oh, and I found the camera. I took a picture of the baby's sweater but I haven't down loaded (or is it up loaded??) the picture yet. I have to find the stinkin' cord.


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