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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My first sweater

I actually knit my very first sweater. It turned out fine! Can't quite believe it. I just have to sew on the buttons (which I stile have to buy) and sew on the pockets that my littlest sweetie and I decided it really needed. I'll post a picture on this particular post when I find the stinkin' camera.

I'm taking a knitting class this Saturday and I'm really excited. I'm going to work on the t-shirt sweater from the Ella Rae Fall 2005 book. I am in love with this pattern and the chunky little jacket pattern from the same book. I hate the name though. I'm working on a new name for the jacket. I may call it the Helen sweater because it reminds me of something that James Herriot's wife, Helen, would wear in All Creatures Great and Small.

The stinkin' semester started this week and I am still registered for nothing. Not one rotten class. I only need one rotten class and my senior thesis to graduate. A rotten professor, who shall remain nameless, doesn't want to do an independent study or a tutorial for me. He wants me to wait until the fall. I wanted to start graduate school in the fall. Ha. Not this fall. So, I'm back to studying music.
I was going to register today but my middle sized sweetie is sick. He has autism and isn't too much of a sleeper to begin with. He slept on and off overnight and (of course when he was sleeping with me) had an accident and let's just say, I'm still doing laundry.
I must fix dinner and get my littlest sweetie ready for our choir rehearsals.
Peace and long life.


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