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Monday, February 06, 2006

Ha! - The camera has been located!!!!!

Aren't my kids ADORABLE?? (Ignore the horrible mess.) Although I didn't actually intend for this picture to show up here, it did. And I kinda like it.
Mike is the one that hid the camera. (And to think I was blaming it on the kids!)
I've finally got some picture updates. I'm waiting for the computer to download the pictures to the site and it's being really slow. (Makes me kinda nervous. It is going to work, right?? -- Some of the wrong pictures have popped up on the site. WHY?? Trying this again.)

The front of my t-shirt sweater is here. It's the blue and brown one. This project has been pretty interesting. I've never knit a big person's sweater before and I'm super nervous about actually putting the whole thing together. At the yarn store they keep telling me not to worry about it and they're going to help when I need help. (I LOVE the yarn store and Bridget, Melissa and Margaret. They really are so wonderful!)

I can't figure out how to move the picture to where I want it. Sorry for the blank space. This is the first sweater I made for my nephew. I *finally* sent it off to Missouri and he should be enjoying it soon.

I wanted to show off some yarn but something is wrong with the computer and it's not working. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Elena has the stomach flu but she is on the mend. Because she is still slightly ill and will be staying home today, I will be staying home too. Therefore, on the agenda for today is laundry (about a million loads - unfortunately I'm not exaggerating), about a load or two of dishes, minimal cleaning and finishing the back of my sweater. Maybe I can start on one of the sleeves.

The Knitting Olympics start Friday. I'm either excited or nervous.


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