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Monday, February 27, 2006

I have officially not finished

I have now officially not finished my Olympic knitting. I, like the majority of athletes in the televised Olympics, did not win a medal. I enjoyed the challenge of knitting a sweater in 16 days but, alas, while I gave in a real try, I did not finish. You see, my real life did not stop for the Olympics. I even went to the ballet (it was wonderful!). The ballet is great to go to but it's a bit hard to read a pattern and watch the amazing ballerinas and dansers. I have finished the back of the sweater, as I was so proud to show off (mistake number 2 - mistake number 1 was picking a sweater for my husband rather than one for my five year old) and I have the majority of the front done. I got up to the neck shaping and my brain actually started to sizzle in my head. I think I've figured it out but I'm not entirely sure. I'm letting the pattern directions *sit* in my brain. It's interesting how if you let something hang out in your subconscious, your brain will work on it and figure it out for you. You just have to wait.

In the mean time, I picked up and worked on some legwarmers for Elena. I actually began them before Christmas and am now getting back to them. I've also been dying to have a go at some mittens so I started a pair last night for Elena. She's great to knit for.

Okay, okay, so I know if my mom reads this, she's going to freak out because she wants mittens and to her I say - relax!! Mittens, unlike a sweater, take like two days to finish. Seriously. I probably could have finished Elena's first mitten last night but she was asleep and I need to try the mitten on her. I *should* be able to get your mittens done this week. (Next week is Spring Break and I'm planning on knitting A LOT.)

So for Spring Break knitting I'm planning on working on:
a rebel alliance pillow for my brother
Bhavika's hat and scarf
Clare's scarf and gloves (the gloves only need a fur cuff)
mom's birthday present
(Maybe I can finish the Olympic sweater and my brown & blue t-shirt sweater by then and only have to block and sew them together)
Is that doable?? I think so. I (like so many other knitters) tend to forget exactly how long it takes to actually finish a project but I think this is okay.
Isn't it??


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