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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knitting Olympics -- the sweater

Here it is. This is the sweater I'm making for Mike for the Knitting Olympics. I'm making it in all one color like I said yesterday. It doesn't look too hard but any sweater is a challenge for me. I had a *minor* meltdown when I was reading the pattern and saw that I had to "work 12 rows in 'Farrow Rib'." It should be okay because, according to the pattern, all I have to do is k2, p1 across the row and then repeat on the subsequent 11 rows. Whew. I thought it was going to be something horrible. Now, I'm not going to tempt the knitting gods and say something dumb like," This sweater should be a piece of cake and will probably only take me like maybe six days to knit." Saying something so stupid would invariably cause the knitting gods to punish me. Stephanie (the yarn harlot) says that they love to punish those who are overconfident and cocky. Not me. I'm not going to say it or even think it. Besides, I will be knitting on US 7 needles and while I know there are smaller needles, they're not exactly large meaning that the sweater will take longer than if I had decided to knit a chunky sweater.
Is it a sign that I keep typing 'swearer' instead of 'sweater'? Hope not.


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