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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Still here

I'm still here. That's a good thing. Sort of a vague way to begin a post. I don't have much interesting to say. That's not entirely true. It's more like my life (at the moment) is rather boring. Ha! Boring?? Two kids (one, who is disabled), the husband, dog, two cats, plus a mountain of laundry and school -- and I'm bored?? It's not regular boredom. I'm pretty happy that the status is fairly calm. I guess it's more like that Jim Croce song, Time in a Bottle, where he says that there never seems to be enough time to do the things that you want to do once you find them. Really, why can't I spend the day on the couch, watching the BBC, eating clotted cream with scones, drinking tea and knitting, knitting, knitting?? I mean, come on. Do we really need clean clothes and dinner? (Stunned silence.) Alright, I know that we need those things plus a bunch of other stuff but I'd like to spend a day or two hanging out and knitting.
On the agenda for today:
- put the boy on the bus
- get the girl dressed, in the car and over to Grandma's so I can play her piano (it's for school)
- take the girl over to the eye doctor for her appointment
- *QUICKLY* make the girl lunch and get her off to school
- head to the University for a voice lesson
- work with the best boss on campus (It's my mom - she is the best boss EVER)
- rush home
- make dinner, eat clean up QUICKLY
- take the girl to choir
- drive home, drop off the girl and go back for my rehearsal
- drive home again, spend a few minutes knitting (to restore my sanity) and crash
Not too bad but not nearly enough time for knitting. Maybe more time tomorrow.


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