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Thursday, April 20, 2006

April is AUTISM Awareness Month

Maybe I've mentioned it before - my son has autism. Autism is a developmental disorder. People with autism look just like everyone else - usually. (Some, like my son, have an interesting sense of fashion. He likes dress shoes with green shorts or athletic pants. ) They are, on the whole, very attractive and extremely smart. Relating to other people is hard. My guy is pretty good about relating to me but not so much other family members. He does know who they are (usually - he mixes up three of my sisters) and he can ask whoever is around for what he wants and or needs. His verbal abilities have come a long way from when he started in school - when he was two and a half.
I'm posting about autism today because I saw a group of people at Walmart who were disabled. They were probably on a field trip to "practice" how to "be" at a store. I lost it. My poor Elena had to deal with mom breaking down again. Honestly, I didn't totally start crying but I did have tears in my eyes. I just don't want anyone to be horrible to anyone else - especially those who don't even know that people are being mean and awful to them. I just want to protect them all. Even this past week at church, I was distracted by a young man who has Asperger's which is a form of autism. He was being wonderful in church and I doubt anyone else paid much attention to him but he reminded me of my son.
I want to raise awareness of autism. The rate of incidence is something like 1 in 160 people. That's a huge increase from what it was. Maybe there will be more services for those with autism. My point is that there will be more and more people with autism and there ought to more awareness and acceptance.
I love my son more than I can explain. I love my daughter too. They really are great kids.


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