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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Broken computer

We had to take our beloved computer, Sally, in to get fixed. I hate being without the computer. Thankfully we are able to use my laptop which usually works pretty okay. I can't psost any pictures until we get the other computer back. (I hope it's soon.)
I managed to knit a shawl for myself in some black yarn I had hanging around that I wanted to use up. It's a boring garter stitch shawl with an increase on every other end. I really like it for when I'm slightly chilly. My biggest problem is keeping the thing on. My next logical step was to work on a couple of ponchos. Ponchos may not be quite as "hot" as they once were but they do stay on better. I'm working on an asymmetrical poncho in really bright red heart yarn that I think Elena will wear and another that's two triangles with a hole in the middle for the head in some yarn called Pluto. I'm trying to use up my cheapy yarn so I can enhance my stash with the good stuff.
I was thinking of the Philosopher's Wool . . .


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