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Friday, April 28, 2006

He's just now noticing the knitting??

I've only been knitting for around a year give or take. I actually taught myself the knit stitch about three years ago or so but in the last year I have become a full fleged Knitter (with a capital K). Now, it's no secret that I hate housework and would rather do almost anything else.

Yesterday my dearest husband says to me, "The house is kinda messy."

I reply, "I've been busy with the kids, my library job and the end of the semester not to mention all the singing I've been doing. There's been lots of rehersals and . . . "

He says (get this), ". . . and you've been knitting."

DUH! Did he just now notice that my yarn corner is exploding and that I've got about six projects (at least) on the needles?

I have no response to that.


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